#3 Yoga Home Practice pt. 1 (Videos)

I am very slowly adapting to the new world of online yoga. In the last couple of weeks I have practiced with videos from different teachers … and recorded a few videos myself that you can find here: https://yogawithjohanna.de/online-yoga/.
I’ll upload more videos soon. Shoot me an email for the password, but note that my videos are recorded in German.

If you are looking for videos in English or are simply keen to try something new, I want to share some teachers/videos that I have been practicing with in the last couple of weeks (and some of them way before corona). As many of these teachers are working as full-time yoga teachers, please show some support for their work (find the details on how to do so on their websites) <3

Swanmountainyoga / Victoria Larsson

I have been practicing yoga with Victoria for almost TEN years now. Her creatively sequenced classes taught to eclectic soundtracks have been a great source of inspiration throughout the years and influence my own teaching style. Victoria has also introduced me to meditation – which becomes more important to me every day.

While she mostly teaches live classes these days (which I have yet to check out), she also has a couple of videos that I love and thus wanted to share with. You can find two shorter flow classes and a talk about meditation with her for free here: https://www.swanmountainyoga.de/practiceonline.
If you leave a small donation for these free offerings more videos will be unlocked (including two 60min classes). Highly recommended & you’ll probably get hooked 😉

Leah Katz Yoga

I think I have practiced with Leah only once or twice before Corona, but since week one of social distancing and studio closures she has been putting out great video content on a pay-what-you-can-basis. What I love about her videos, which last between 40-60mins, is that they are never boring since Leah focuses on something different every week. Moreover, she crafts classes in unique ways and I believe in each video I have practiced variations of asanas that I have never before encountered. Would recommend these videos for yogis that have practiced for a while rather than complete beginners.
Find links to videos on Leah’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/leahkatzyoga/

Real Yoga / Hanna Turner

I have met Hanna during a continuing education workshop for yoga teachers in Berlin last summer. Already back then she told me about her Youtube channel Real Yoga. But somehow I never got around to checking it out. Luckily, with a lot more time on my hands now during Corona, I decided to finally give it a go … and found that Hanna’s 20-30min videos are perfect for short breaks between (home) office hours. They have varying themes, offer great explanations of individual asanas, are always uplifting and sometimes feature cute dogs. Definitely suitable for beginners and for free (but again donations are a great way to show your appreciation). You can find Hanna’s Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsXOiV3I3uhsp2hiLvIheTw

I have yet to check out Live stream classes but will write a post about it once I do 🙂